Pack Li-ion 3600mAh/7.4V for X10


New product

Special X10 battery for using in older pre 06/2019 X10 and X10S. Custom production, order and will be manufactured in a few days. 

More details

Will be asembled on order

Price without tax 364 Kč

Price with tax364 Kč


  • chemistry: Li-ion
  • voltage: 7,4 V (2S)
  • capacity: 3 600 mAh
  • weight: 94 g 
  • charging current: 0,5 C, max. 0,7 C 
  • max drain: max 5A  
  • cells: LG INR18650-M36  
  • výstupy: 1 × JST XH 

Kapacita nad1801 mAh
Konfigurace 2S1P

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Spare parts and battries capacity 6 months.


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