The offer is as follows and everyone can decide whether to use it:

  • when buying the X9D+ or X7S - R9M module free of charge
  • for purchase of Horus - R9M and R9MM or R9Mini for free
  • when purchasing X7 or X-Lite radios - you can buy a promotion set R9M or Lite with R9MM or R9Mini *
  • set R9M or Lite with R9MM or R9Mini at a discounted price *

* After purchasing promo set with or without radio, take a photo of your radio with promotion set and the RCStudia logo (hummingbird).
You can also take a picture of the model in which R9 will be installed. Please place your photos on our FB or
email us at and we will hang it on our FB site.

We will record your orders as pre-orders, which will be processed from our stock and subsequently from FrSky.

As we anticipate an increased interest in these products, we ask for patience and understanding when handling your orders.
We reserve the right to make any changes to the sets in advance.