FrSky Taranis X9 Lite blue M2
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    FrSky Taranis X9 Lite Blue M2

    FrSky Taranis X9 Lite Blue M2

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  • FrSky Taranis X9 Lite Blue M2


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    RX Archer ACCESS




    We offer the language choosing of English or Deutch for free!! Please make note to order or send as the email. 

    Overview of FrSky radios here .

    Batteries not included.

    All transmitters sold by RCStudio always have the latest public version of OpenTX

    and include:
    • menu and messages in Czech,
    • with our glider, heli, multikopter, and more models,
    • S6R and S8R setup scripts in English.
    All transmitters are also calibrated.

    If you are interested in the English language version, please write your request in the note in the order.

    Together with the radio you will receive our clients printed manual , which is a short guide summarizing the basic information needed to operate, charge, and operate the device. The manual is also available in the electronic data store of our e-shop. A complete version of the Taranis and OpenTX manual is also provided to clients via a data repository in PDF format. You will be informed about the update of the electronic versions of both manuals by e-mail. Details of the manuals here .
    To study radio settings, you can use the tutorial videos below and previous versions of the manual, which you can find here .


    • ergonomic design
    • 24 real-time channels (in combination with other modules and receivers even more)
    • G7 gimbals with potentiometers
    • high-speed communication with internal and external modules
      • internal 450 hp, external 420 hp
      • super low latency (total 20 ms, lowest 12 ms)
      • compatible with the new Lite module type (R9M Lite, MPM Lite, ...)
    • OpenTX
    • vibration response, voice response via the integrated loudspeaker or headphones
    • internal antenna
    • 128 × 64 backlight display
    • S.Port, MicroUSB, headphone connector, teacher / student connector, SD card slot
    • easily accessible 18650 battery bay
    • teacher / student mode over 3.5mm jack
    • Spectrum Analyzer


    • Model name: Taranis X9 Lite
    • 24 channels ACCESS / 16 protocol D16
    • Transmission standard: EU LBT according to ETSI EN 300 328 V1.9.1
    • Operating voltage: 6-8.4 V (2 × 18650 battery)
    • Power consumption: 190 mA @ 7.4 V
    • working temperature: - 20-60 ℃
    • LCD screen: 128 x 64 dots
    • external shaft: yes, Lite
    • memory for models: 60 (extensible to SD card)
    • teacher / student port: yes
    • wireless teacher / student: no
    • compatibility of receivers with ACCESS protocol and D16

    Package Contents:

    • X9 Lite radio - without batteries
    • 8GB SD card
    Mode Mode 2

    On all items we offer warranry 24 months.
    Spare parts and battries capacity 6 months.


    We provide warranty and post warranty services.

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    FrSky Taranis X9 Lite Blue M2

    FrSky Taranis X9 Lite Blue M2

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