FrSky M7 gimbal
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    FrSky M7 gimbal

    FrSky M7 gimbal

    Lever mechanism for Taranis Q X7 with Hall sensors

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  • FrSky M7 gimbal


    New product

    Lever mechanism for Taranis Q X7 with Hall sensors

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    Price without tax 496 Kč

    Price with tax496 Kč

    The lever mechanism is equipped with bearings and Hall sensors. The advantage of Hall sensors over potentiometers is especially their longer service life and contactlessness. Ie. the lever mechanism only moves on the bearings and nothing slows it down. The result is refined and smooth running and easy operation.

    Installing the drive is easy. The drive is ready from the factory for connection to the original drive.


    • Hall sensors
    • 4 ball bearings
    • Adjustable resistance
    • Adjustable center return
    • M4 thread
    • Active lever passage


    • X and Y axis range: 60 ° ± 5 °
    • voltage: 3 V to ± 0.5 V
    • sensitivity: 2.50 mV / G
    • linearity of output voltage: 0.1 to (VCC + 0.1) V
    • consumption: 3.2 mA
    • No-load noise: ≤ 40 mVpp

    On all items we offer warranry 24 months.
    Spare parts and battries capacity 6 months.


    We provide warranty and post warranty services.

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