We can offer the shipping to EU by the GLS parcel company. It usualy takes from 2 to 7 business days to deliver according the destination.

Shipping price
You must register to got exact shipping price counted from parcel weight, your country and exchange rate.

Tentative price list:

Country 2 Kg  5 Kg
DE, AT, PL, HU, SL, HR, RO  8Euro 9,8 Euro
BE, NL, LU, DK, EE, LT, LV  11,5 Euro 13 Euro
IE, BG, UK, IT, FR, ES 15 Euro 19,5 Euro
EL, PT, FI, SE, MT, CY,  15 Euro 19,5 Euro

You can pay by PayPal or bankwire.

Customers can pay by bankwire in Euros. 

The bank account is Fio banka, a.s. 

Account number: 2200578041 / 2010 
IBAN CZ7220100000002200578041 

PayPal we accept Euro but will be more glad for Czech Koruna :)   

PayPal - fee is 2.8% from the order amount.