FrSky FrESC32_35A

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    FrSky FrESC32_35A

    FrSky FrESC32_35A

    35 A controller with BLHeli32 firmware suitable for drones and aircraft

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  • FrSky FrESC32_35A


    New product

    35 A controller with BLHeli32 firmware suitable for drones and aircraft

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    • Powerful 32-bit processor
    • installed BLHeli32 with support for Dshot 150/300/600/1200
    • programmable with BlHeli Suit 32
    • Overheat protection and current protection


    • dimensions: 30 mm × 16 mm × 4,5 mm
    • Weight: 4.5 g
    • Battery: 2-5S
    • BEC: no
    • Permanent load: 35 A
    • Peak load: 40 A

    BlHeli32 settings:

    Rampup Power - Starting voltage, it is necessary to apply a higher voltage to start the engine from standstill than when turning the already running engine. This setting determines the amount of starting voltage.

    Temperature Protection - setting the thermal protection of the controller. There will be a decrease in performance.

    Low RPM Power Protect - Turn protection on or off for low speed motors. Caution: Depending on the engine type, you may or may not turn off the feature for maximum performance. Shutting down can lead to loss of synchronization and the motor or controller can be destroyed.

    Motor Direction - The direction of rotation of the normal and reverse motors, the Bidirectional option - the center is 0 and -100 is on one side and +100 on the other.

    Demag Compensation - Protects the motor from sudden stops caused by coil demagnetization. A typical syndrome is stopping or jerking the engine when gas is added quickly.

    Motor Timing - Engine timing. Typically, a place setting will work. You can also set Auto, then the processor will evaluate the coil demagnetization and set the lowest timing itself.

    Maximum Acceleration - The acceleration setting helps in cases where strong acceleration causes the engine to out of sync. The specified parameter, eg 10% / ms means that the current does not increase by more than 10% per ms. Maximum means that the function is switched off.

    Minimum, Maximum and Center Throttle - Sets the lowest and highest signal from the receiver to control the control. The central value is only for bidirectinal mode for the motor direction.

    Brake On Stop - Brake settings. If enabled, the percentage braking force occurs as soon as the throttle is withdrawn to 0. It has no effect during non-zero values.

    Startup Beep Volume - volume of the controller beep.

    Beacon / Signal Volume - Alert beep volume. If the gas signal is zero for a given time, the controller beeps.

    Beacon Delay - The amount of time the controller starts to alert you.

    PWM Frequency - Set the motor frequency.

    Music Note Config - You can also play songs using ESC. This is where the guy is set up.

    On all items we offer warranry 24 months.
    Spare parts and battries capacity 6 months.


    We provide warranty and post warranty services.

    Original manual in PDF

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    FrSky FrESC32_35A

    FrSky FrESC32_35A

    35 A controller with BLHeli32 firmware suitable for drones and aircraft

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