Smartport - UART převodník typ A

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    FrSky smartport - UART převodník typ A

    FrSky smartport - UART převodník typ A

    Converter S.Port - UART-A (S.Port - analog)

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  • FrSky smartport - UART převodník typ A


    New product

    Converter S.Port - UART-A (S.Port - analog)

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    The converter can be used in two ways:

    • To transmit a serial line through the S.Port bus (bidirectional communication for foreign devices). For this scheme two converters are required, one at the receiver (type B) and the other at the transmitter (type A). The converters are set to the same capacity and communicate with each other via S.Port. In essence, it is a transparent bridge where data sent to one converter is transferred to the other converter and vice versa.
    • For analog input to S.Port (type B) (cell voltage measurement via FBVS-01 ). By connecting S1 / S2 to ground, the corresponding analog inputs are activated and by connecting FBVS-01 to measure voltage on battery.


    • mode: SP2UART
    • Voltage: DC 4-10V
    • Weight: 3g
    • Dimensions: 44 mm × 15 mm × 7 mm
    • Power consumption: 20 mA @ 5 V
    • Temperature: - 40 to 85 ℃
    • compatibility with telemetry receivers that have S.port as X series (eg X8R, X6R) and S series (eg S8R, S6R)

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