FrSky OLED senzor napětí článků

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    FrSky Mini Lipo sensor (MLVSS)

    FrSky Mini Lipo sensor (MLVSS)

    Mini Lipo voltage sensor for S.Port

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  • FrSky Mini Lipo sensor (MLVSS)


    New product

    Mini Lipo voltage sensor for S.Port

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    • miniature dimensions
    • measuring both the total voltage and the cells themselves
    • S.Port


    • interface: S.Port ID 02
    • Dimensions: 43mm x 19mm x 8mm
    • Weight: 2.8g
    • Measuring range: 2 S to 6 S (6 to 25 V)
    • Power consumption: 10 mA @ 5 V
    • detection accuracy: 0.05 V
    • Temperature: -10-70 °C
    • compatibility with telemetry receivers that have S.port as X series (eg X8R, X6R) and S series (eg S8R, S6R)
    • package contains: sensor, connection cable

    The battery should be connected with the balance connector so that the minus battery is connected to the GND input.
    articles. All data is also transmitted via telemetry.

    The S.Port is connected to the S.Port connector of the receiver or other sensor using the supplied cable or a conventional 3-pin cable. However, make sure that S, + and - are properly connected.

    S.Port is passable and its address ID is 02. The address can be changed by the servo ID changer. Using two MLVSSs with changed 12S IDs is problematic, we recommend using two FLVSSs instead.

    LED Statuses

    LED S.port connection connected battery port
    very fast blinking (100 ms) no no
    fast flashing (200 ms) no yes
    fast flashing (200 ms) yes no
    slow flicker (500 ms) yes yes

    On all items we offer warranry 24 months.
    Spare parts and battries capacity 6 months.


    We provide warranty and post warranty services.

    Original manual in PDF

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