FrSky Normal Precision Vario (FVAS-02N)


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Variometer with normal accuracy of 1 m

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Variometer with through S.Port and older telemetry connection. The variometer can act as a converter between the old hub, the FAS sensor, and the new S.Port by translating the data from the old sensors into the S.Port protocol. The opposite direction is not possible.


  • S.Pport ID 01
  • Range: -700 to 10,000 m
  • vertical speed range: + - 10.24 m / s
  • Accuracy: 1m
  • input voltage: 4V-10V
  • Power consumption: 30 mA
  • cable length: 290 mm
  • dimensions including connectors: 39 mm × 20 mm × 10 mm
  • Weight: 3.1g
  • compatibility with telemetry receivers that have S.port as X series (eg X8R, X6R) and S series (eg S8R, S6R) and D (eg D8R-II +, D4R-II)

The variometer comes with three cables:

for S.PORT - both ends have a 3-pin female connector
for SENSOR HUB - both ends have a 4-pin JST female connector (hub port "Data" to sensor "Data in")
for D series receivers - one end has a 4-pin JST female connector (sensor "Data out"), the other end has connectors for connecting to a D receiver (see fig. below)

Connector Description

Connection to X-Series receivers (X8R, X6R, X4R)

S. The port is connected to the S.Port connector of the receiver or other sensor using the supplied cable or a standard 3-pin cable.

Make sure that S, + and - are properly connected.

Connection to D series receivers (D8RII +, D4R-II)

Variometer (Data Out Connector) D Receiver - Telemetry Port

Powered via Data out or S.Port connector.


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