FrSky FAS40 ADV current sensor


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Current sensor 40A with FBUS (F.port2) and S.port support, successor to FCS-40A

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  • Measures current up to 40 A
  • Measures voltage to 6S
  • Power consumption (mAh) and power (W)


  • Interface: S.port ID 03
  • Dimensions: 65.24mm x15.7mm x16.6mm
  • Weight: 16 g
  • Measuring range 0 to 40 A
  • consumption: 16 mA @ 5 V
  • Maximum safe current: 40 A
  • maximum voltage 6 S
  • connectors: XT60
  • Compatibility with telemetry receivers that have S.port or FBUS (F.port2)

The sensor is connected between the battery and ESC using XT60 connectors. S.Port / F.port2 is a pass-through; and its ID address is 03. The address can be changed by the servo ID converter.

Status LED

LED connected to S.port FBUS connected
blink slowly yes no
blink fast no yes

The battery needs to be connected with & iacute; XT60 connectors. You need to pay attention to the polarity. 

S.Port / F.Port2 connect & iacute; to the S.Port / F.port2 connector of the receiver or other sensor. The sensor on the basis of autodetection will use a suitable communication  protocol.

You need to make sure you're plugged in; S, + and -.

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