Hota H6 Pro 700W AC/DC


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Single-channel charger with a clear color graphic display and its own power supply. Thanks to the AC and DC input, it allows use both at home and on the road. The USB port for charging other devices is also practical.

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  • Protection: thermal, time, capacitive, input and output polarization reversal, short circuit, overcharge and high current or voltage settings
  • functions: charging, discharging, external discharging, balancing, storage
  • Color graphics display
  • wide input voltage
  • Cell voltage and internal resistance monitor
  • Custom cell calibration
  • Tools: servo tester, PPM generator and PWM measurement


  • display: 2.4 "color IPS display 320 × 240 dots
  • functions: charging, discharging, external discharging, balancing, storage
  • batteries: Li-Po, Li-Ion, LiFe, LiHV, NiMh, NiCd, NiZn, PB, Smart battery
  • Setup memory: No
  • AC input: yes, 100-240 V
  • DC input: yes, 6.5-30 V
  • AC power: 200 W
  • DC power: 700 W DC >24 V
  • Charging current: 0.1-26 A
  • Balance current: 2,000 mA
  • Internal discharge power: 30 W
  • Internal discharge current: 0.1-5 A
  • External discharge power: 700 W
  • External discharge current: 30 A
  • Balancer discharge power: 10 W
  • LiXX articles: 1-6S
  • Number of NiXX cells: 1-14S
  • Smart Battery cells: 1-6S
  • Number of Pd articles: 2-12S
  • Eneloop articles: 1-14S
  • Thermal protection: yes
  • External temperature sensor port: no
  • fan: yes, AUTO (continuous control) / ON
  • USB 5V output: yes 2.1A
  • updatable FW: yes
  • Special features: cell voltage and internal resistance monitor
  • dimensions: 108 mm × 67 mm × 60 mm
  • Weight: 410 g

Package Contents:

  • charger
  • EU 240 V cable

Manual and firmware to download

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