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Multifunction sensor for internal combustion engines with measurement of fuel flow, temperature and speed

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  • Two temperature sensors
  • Speed ​​measurement
  • Fuel flow measurement
  • Customizable alarms
  • sends telemetry data


  • Dimensions: 40 mm × 28.8 mm × 12.7 mm
  • Weight: 19 g
  • Temperature probes:
    • PT100 -20 ° C to +310 °C
    • NTC -20 ° C to + 250 °C
  • speed measurement: 100-100000 rpm (accuracy + -2%), from 5 V hall probe
  • Flow measurement: 20-800 ml / min (accuracy + -2%)
  • CDI output: yes
  • S.Port: yes
  • voltage: 4-10 V
The multifunction sensor for petrol engines combines 3 basic measurements, temperature by two sensors, fuel flow and speed. In addition to transmitting these values ​​within telemetry, the sensor can also alarm the exceeding of the set values ​​by beeping or limiting the engine speed.

Alarm type alarm tone audio length repeat
low fuel low short long
overflow low short Medium
overspeed Medium extremely short short to long
temperature exceeded 1 high Medium very long
temperature exceeded 2 high long very long
more than 2 alarms very high short short

If the value for a given alarm is set to 0, that alarm is turned off.

LED indication

LED blinks 1 (ms) LED2 status sensor status S.port status
1 CDI output disabled X
X X 0
200 X 0 1
X 1 1
50 X temperature X
X flashing fuel flow X

1 = works, 0 = does not work, X = state is not important

LED2 indicates fuel flow, the higher the flow, the faster it flashes.

Special features:

Connect the GasSuit between the speed sensor (hall 5V) and the CDI so that the CDI pulse in is in the sensor and the CDI pulse out in the CDI unit.

  • Speed ​​Limit - When the engine is running normally, GasSuit forwards the pulses from the speed sensor to the CDI. If the speed exceeds the set limit, the GasSuit stops transmitting pulses and the motor decelerates, resumes pulse transmission when the return returns below the set limit, and the motor continues.
  • Engine shutdown - When the channel in channel input from the GasSuit receiver is activated, the motor shuts down. The GasSuit starts to delay the pulse signal by 1.2us at 10,000 rpm.

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