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The R9 provides the user with a choice between a normal 8-channel receiver or a stabilized receiver. There are two stabilization modes (SAS and autolevel) and two aerobatic elements (leg and candle) that can control channels in flight. Autolevel will be especially appreciated by beginning modelers.

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Includes ACCESS firmware, ACCST can be downloaded here . Learn more here .

Overview of FrSky receivers here .

Stabilization modes:

  • SAS - this function compensates for external influences like gusts of wind and compensates for them thanks to the gyroscope
  • Autolevel - Autolevel mode aligns the airplane horizontally
  • Shear - Mode will bring the airplane to the shear
  • Candle - this mode will hang the airplane on the propeller


  • 8-channel receiver
  • built-in triaxial gyroscope and triaxial accelerometer
  • built-in RxBat battery voltage sensor
  • S.Port
  • SBUS
  • Detachable Ipex1 connector antenna
  • Battery voltage detection supported


  • Model name: R9 Stab (8-channel receiver with built-in 3-axis gyr and 3-axis accelerometer)
  • dimensions: 45.7 mm × 26.3 mm × 16.2 mm (l × w × d)
  • Weight: 18.6g
  • Antennas: T
  • antennas connected by connectors: yes, Ipex4
  • 8 channels (1-8 channels from conventional channel outputs)
  • operating voltage range: 3.5-10V
  • operating current: 140 mA @ 7.4 V
  • S.Port: yes
  • SBUS: yes
  • pin voltage measurement: yes, RxBat
  • analog port: no
  • gyro measurement range: ± 2,000 dps
  • Accelerometer measuring range: ± 4 g
  • Firmware Upgrade Option
  • compatibility: R9

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