Frsky V8R4-II

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    FrSky V8R4-II

    FrSky V8R4-II

    FrSky V8R4-II 4 Channel Park Flier Receiver.

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  • FrSky V8R4-II


    New product

    FrSky V8R4-II 4 Channel Park Flier Receiver.

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    Price without tax 430 Kč

    Price with tax430 Kč

    Compatible with all FrSky modules (V8 & D), receive only (V8R4-II can talk in either mode, but it does not send telemetry information back to the transmitter).

    The V8R4-II features the FrSky ACCST (Advanced Continuous Channel Shifting Technology) an advanced technology. The ACCST 2.4GHz system shifts the frequency hundreds of times per second. This means there are no signal conflicts and interruptions.
    The V8R4-II FrSky lightweight receiver is a great fit for small Park Fliers, 3D foamy and indoor slow flyers. Weighing in at a scant 3.5 grams, this is the perfect receiver for these types of applications.

    Main Features:
    Advanced Continuous Channel Shifting Technology ( ACCST SYSTEM), robust frequency agility.
    Easy to bind and very fast link-up.
    Excellent reboot times.
    All channels are very effective and easy to set failsafe.
    Responsive and rock-solid in performance.

    Dimensions: 36 x 17.5 x 8mm
    Weight: 3.5g  (2.7g naked)
    Operating Voltage Range: 3.0-16.0V
    Operating Current: 30mA
    Specified Range: better than 1km


    FrSky modules

    How to put V8R4-II into binding mode respectively

    V8FT, V8JT, V8HT

    V8_Mode (Non-telemetry)
    Connect battery to V8R4-II while holding the F/S button on V8R4-II

    DFT, DJT, DHT, DHT-U inV8_Mode (Non-telemetry)
    (Switch 1 OFF and Switch 2 ON)

    DFT, DJT, DHT, DHT-U in D_Mode (Telemetry)
    (Switch 1 OFF and Switch 2 OFF)

    D_Mode (Telemetry)
    Connect Ch1 & Ch2 signal pins of V8R4-II by provided jumper and then connect battery to V8R4-II directly (no need to hold the F/S button on V8R4-II)(Note: Does not send any telemetry data.)

    On all items we offer warranry 24 months.
    Spare parts and battries capacity 6 months.


    We provide warranty and post warranty services.

    Original manual in PDF

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    FrSky V8R4-II

    FrSky V8R4-II

    FrSky V8R4-II 4 Channel Park Flier Receiver.

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